Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 IO Airship Locations | Where to Find

The second round of weekly challenges for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 tasks the players with dancing at crashed IO Airship sites. Due to the recent actions from the Collision event, fallen IO Airships will be scattered across the map. However, not every player can recount the final climactic moments that occurred during Collision. Luckily for us, there are only five IO Airship locations, and they’re incredibly easy to find. Keep reading onward to see where you can locate all five sites.

Where to Find All Crashed IO Airships in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Where to Find All Crashed IO Airships

Firstly, pinpointing the exact spots for the crashed sites is a simple thing to do with your map. These crashed IO Airships look a little out-of-place on the map, oftentimes shown as a small patch of colorful land. The Vibin’ season sees these airships as opportunities to paint and dance. And that’s what this week’s challenge involves: dancing at three sites. Some of which are within the Island, while a couple of them remain at sea.

Here are the locations of all five crashed IO Airships:

Condo Canyon

By far the easiest one to locate is the ship sitting at sea at the very bottom right of the map, away from the Island at sea. If you look at your map, you’ll notice a patch of land that somewhat resembles a tiny island. But it’s only the debris of the ship. You shouldn’t have any trouble here from other players. It’s a lonesome drop, so this one is a breeze to get to. From there, climb onto the debris and start dancing to begin the challenge.

Coney Crossroads

Southeast from the Coney Crossroads, near the river, you’ll find the second airship covered in graffiti. There are a few platforms to choose from in regards to picking a dance. It is possible that opposing players might come here, but it certainly won’t be intense warfare. Go ahead and dance to readily move on to the next crashed site.

Daily Bugle

Technically, this site is called “Daily Rubble” since it’s more of a distance away from the Bugle location. For this one, drop near the patch of small islands all the way east of the map. It’ll be past the missile sites, and this location can be comfortably found by referring to the map. It’s hard to miss this one. Not only can we spot it on the map, but it’s also distinctive in its appearance. It definitely doesn’t look like the islands neighboring it. Be sure to be the first one there: this site is scarce with equipment, so it’s important to grab a weapon as soon as you land. Once the coast is clear, do your dance then move along.

Fortnite Crashed IO Airship

Loot Lake

Our next crashed site might give some players trouble. It’s to the west of the titular lake and just a little above Tilted Towers. This one is entirely submerged in water, with only a few pieces sticking out. It can be annoying to first locate and then claim safety for yourself. Many players drop around this area, and there’s even a shark that swims around the site. We recommend saving this one for last if you’re merely looking to get in, dance, and get out.

Rocky Reels

Finally, our last site brings us to the dry lands of Rocky Reels. For this one, drop west near the location and past the road. Again, you can always refer to the map to quickly spot a few pixels out of place. In other words, look for extraordinary colors near the towns to mentally pinpoint the sites. It’s not going to be green or sandy, but rather more vibrant hues that naturally shouldn’t be there. Players might engage in small firefights, but we didn’t have issues when it came to running into other individuals here. Dance the night away, and your challenge will be complete.

And there you have it! All five crashed IO Airship sites are a part of the new season, so they’ll be around for a while. Don’t forget to grab a weapon when you drop!

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