Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions | How to Get

If you’re trying to get the Solid Skull back bling in Fortnite, you’ll have to partake in the new Most Wanted event. This event, new to Chapter 4 Season 1, tasks players with heisting five Cold Blooded Medallions. While that’s made very apparent right as you log into the game, it’s not exactly clear how to get them. That’s why we explain exactly how to get all five of these Medallions for the Most Wanted event right below. So, read on to find out!

How to Get Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite

How to Get Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite

To get Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite, you need to complete all of the “Most Wanted” event challenges. You can find these in your quest log under the “Intel and Recon” tab. You only need to complete seven of the nine total challenges to be awarded a Cold Blooded Medallion. However, that’s only one, and you need all five Cold Blooded Medallions to get the Solid Skull back bling.

To get all five Cold Blooded Medallions, you need to complete all five sets of challenges. However, right now you probably only see the “Intel and Recon” set for the Most Wanted event. That’s because, while you only need seven of the nine challenges to earn a Medallion, you must complete all nine to unlock the next set of challenges. Furthermore, each set of challenges only releases a few days after the previous set. Here are the dates for all five sets of challenges:

  • Intel & Recon – February 14
  • Going In Loud – February 16
  • Going In Quiet – February 18
  • Cracking The Vault – February 20
  • Clean Getaway – February 22

That means you need to acquire the Cold Blooded Medallion in the “Intel & Recon” set, then complete all of its challenges, before you can unlock and complete the “Going in Loud” set. It’s also good to note, while this is a time-exclusive event, the prior sets won’t disappear when a new one unlocks. In conclusion, once you’ve completed all five sets, and thusly got all five Cold Blooded Medallions, you’ll be able to claim the Solid Skull back bling as your reward.

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