Fortnite Combat SMG Vaulted | When Will It Return?

The v21.20 update for Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite sees another round of weapons being vaulted or vice versa. These particular weapons are often swapped out for one reason or another. And the recent victims are the new Combat SMG and Charge SMGs. These mini-clippers are forces to be reckoned with, so it’s important to note what’s new about them. Unfortunately, for fans of the Combat SMG, it has been sent to the vault, with the Charge SMG taking its place. For this brief guide, we answer the question as to whether or not the Combat SMG will return to the game, as well as a quick look into the deadly Charge SMG.

Will the Combat SMG Return to Fortnite?

Fortnite Will the Combat SMG Return?

There’s no telling exactly when the Combat SMG will make its return, but don’t expect it to be soon. Vaulted items have a tendency of making a comeback sometime down the line, with some disappearing entirely from previous seasons. Fortnite will occasionally “unvault” weapons and equipment to bring them back onto the Island for a limited time only. For example, the incredibly useful Port-a-Fort hasn’t been in the game for a long while, and just today it made its return to the Island. Case in point, the reemergence of the Combat SMG will be a surprise, as with any other vaulted item. Yes, it will return, but we aren’t sure when that will happen.

Stinger SMG vs Charge SMG

While the Combat SMG isn’t with us for now, we still have the rapid-fire Stinger SMG. This 30 magazine-sized submachine gun fires at a rate of 12, although the damage output might be low. It’s dangerously effective in close-quarters combat since its quickened sprays can swiftly deplete your enemy’s health. Its Common DPS is at 180 with the Legendary set at 228; Damage is 15 at Common and 19 for Legendary; your reload time begins at 2.75s for Common while Legendary reloads at 2.25s.

The Charge SMG possesses two distinct firing types: burst and fully charged. Burst is fairly self-explanatory; one push of a trigger and the weapon will deliver a few rounds from its barrel. The charged shot basically works just like how it sounds. Holding down the trigger will count the number of bullets that will be fired. If you hold it for a second or two, you’ll fire away a dozen or so bullets. But if you hold the trigger until the magazine is fully charged, you can then release it to let loose all of its hellfire toward your opponent. Its magazine is also marked at 30 with a fire rate of 16.82. Common DPS is at 252.3 with Legendary ranking up at 319.58. The damage output is 15 for Common and 19 for Legendary. Reload time for Common Charge SMGs are at 1.76s, and Legendary reloads are at 1.44s.

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