Fortnite Crash Pads | How to Bounce Without Landing

The Crash Pads have made a return to the Island in Fortnite, adding more fun to the current Vibin’ season. It’s certainly been a while since we’ve last seen these, especially since we have other means of launching into the air now. We know how to use diving boards, slurp mushrooms, shockwave grenades, etc. But some players might be new to the blue bouncing pads in the game. They’re pretty easy to utilize as long as you map out your placement. Additionally, one of the weekly quests tasks the player with bouncing off of three Crash Pads without landing on the ground. It’s not as straightforward as you may expect, so we’re here to help.

How to Use Crash Pads Without Landing in Fortnite

How to Use Crash Pads Without Landing in Fortnite

After acquiring the Crash Pads from a chest or loose loot, toss them into a perfect sequence on top of a flat area. Try not to use slanted surfaces or hills, for the trajectory of the launch will send you off in a different direction. It’s best to toss the first and then jump onto it, throwing you into the air. When you land, plant the second pad. Repeat the same process for the third, and you’ll have a perfect jumping route for yourself. Once the three Crash Pads are in place, bounce onto them while maintaining your airflow to perfectly leap from one to the next.

Alternatively, you could just toss them around in a close circle to replicate a trampoline, so there are other ways of completing the aforementioned quest. Regardless, these pads are quite useful in tight situations where you need to flee the scene. It’s also incredibly helpful if you fall from a high distance and are in dire need of a quick rescue. Simply throw the pad before you land, and you can get right back into the fight.

Aside from the Crash Pads providing their expected purpose, they can also cause environmental damage. Even though you can’t attach it to a wall, you can place it next to structures and objects to make them disappear. It’s a great way to expose your enemies and tear down buildings, but the Crash Pads are extremely temporary. They’ll shortly deflate post-deployment, or they can be easily obliterated with a weapon. Keep these notes in mind, and you just might surprise your opponents with a big launching pad.

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