Fortnite Diving Board Locations | Where to Jump Off

The name for the current season of Fortnite abides well with its Vibin’ aesthetic, creating a summer-esque playground for players to mess around in. With this in mind, there are a few diving boards that anyone can jump off of, eventually plunging into the water with bullets raining. The new week of challenges for Chapter 3 Season 3 invites players to jump off the said jumping boards just for the fun of it. And there’s one promising spot for a diving board that we can go to in order to complete this engaging challenge.

Where to Find a Diving Board in Fortnite

Where to Find a Diving Board in Fortnite

Your primary destination for the diving board challenge is the Loot Lake area above Tilted Towers and south of the Shifty Shafts. At this location, you’ll find four different diving boards to choose from. But depending on who drops with you, friend or foe, they might be occupied by their presence. Therefore, as long as you find one with no one nearby, jump onto the diving board three times in succession.

The challenge requires the players to jump off of three diving boards, but there’s a quick cheating alternative to this task. Instead of looking for three distinct boards, simply jump from the same one you found three times, and all will be said and done with. We’ve tested this actually when too many opponents were in the area, and we accidentally jumped from the same board twice. The game registered it into the statistics, thus personally prompting us to jump from the same board to accomplish the assignment. Of course, there are other spots to go toward, but Loot Lake will quickly scratch off this week’s task for diving board visits.

Diving boards work the same way as any other has in previous matches. You launch from its position up into the air as the name kindly suggests; it’s the perfect addition to this season’s summer-based list of activities and events.

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