Fortnite Dragon Ball Bulma Location | Where to Find

Fortnite has ushered in a new collaboration for Chapter 3 Season 3, with Dragon Ball characters making their first appearances. This current season has implemented many changes, and some of them include the faces that we’ll encounter on the island. One of the Dragon Ball characters we’re introduced to is Bulma, who can be found on the Island. But where is she exactly? We’ll show you where you can discover Bulma with the guide below.

Where to Find Bulma in Fortnite x Dragon Ball

Fortnite Where to Find Bulma

Bulma is located around the new Kame House on the far east side of the Island. It’ll be on a fresh patch of land, with Bulma being the primary resident on the tiny island. Paying a visit to Bulma will also complete the familiar training location quest for the Dragon Ball event. There’s also a vending machine to the right of the island that you can check out as well.

Don’t leave the island just yet, though. By speaking with Bulma, you’ll not only add her to your character collection, but she’ll sell you a couple of noteworthy items. These are the new Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud exotic items, which are both pretty useful.

The Kamehameha charges up the iconic blue beam of energy and fires away at anything within its path. It can quickly destroy structures, and it deals a heavy punch upon your opponents on the field. It only comes with three charges, so try and put them to good use.

The Nimbus Cloud acts like a glider, and it doesn’t run out of energy. Once you do land from the Nimbus launch, you’ll have to wait a bit before it fully recharges. You’ll probably see a few players floating around on small yellow clouds across the Island. Additionally, you can obtain the two new items via the Capsule Corp. drops from the sky. Be sure to look at your map for any nearby Capsules; they’ll start to appear more whenever the circle starts to close in during a match.

Ready for the Dragon Ball event for Fortnite but need more tips? We got you covered right here!