Fortnite Geyser Locations | Where to Find in Chapter 3 Season 3

For the uninformed, a Geyser is essentially a powerful hot spring that is now a part of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Given its nature, the purpose of these hot springs is to provide a new launching option for players. They can be found in one notable spot that many fighters are potentially heading toward. To see where you can find the new Geysers in Fortnite, be sure to read onward for our brief guide.

Where to Find Geysers in Fortnite

Where to Find Geysers in Fortnite

The Geyser hot springs are located west of Reality Falls within a valley. They’re quite easy to spot: their appearance resembles mini jacuzzis built into the land. But when you step over them and wait a few seconds, you’ll soon launch into the air like any other launching pad in the game. There will be seven of them, with a treasure chest sitting in the middle of them.

However, this is the most popular drop for the Geysers. In fact, we’ve counted six Geyser locations near Reality Falls and Greasy Grove. They’re mainly west of the map, but we’ve marked the six spots for you on the map you see before you. The one we initially discussed is met with immediate action, keep in mind.

Using the Geysers is a part of Week 2 of Chapter 3’s challenges. The players will only need to launch from them a few times in order to complete the challenge. It’s fair to say that you should expect some company to intrude along the way. It’s definitely a hit or a miss, depending on the momentum of the match, but only the Geysers and the chest will be present at the initial location. From there, you’re free to move along the battlefield for that sweet, sweet victory.

The Geysers are just one new aspect in the world of Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 3. We’ve been blessed with the return of Ballers, the ability to mount wildlife, and now the Grapple Gloves that allow us to swing from point A to point B. This is only the second week of the season, so be sure to stay tuned for more guides to come from us along the way!