Fortnite | How to Crouch

Maintaining a steady position in Fortnite could lead to victorious results in your efforts for a win. While we can move and shoot while jumping simultaneously, we can always crouch for a more focused alternative. The mechanic has been around since the early days of Fortnite, but we can now do it in the Save the World mode, coupled with the ability to slide as well. So, for a quick refresh, here’s how to crouch in Fortnite for both controller and mouse & keyboard players.

How to Crouch in Fortnite

How to Crouch in Fortnite

The typical button that is used for crouching in many games is clicking the right thumbstick, and Fortnite is no exception. A simple click will switch your character from standing to kneeling. Mouse & keyboard users can modify their crouch key by going to the Settings menu. Scroll over to the WASD logo for Keyboard Controls where you can make some adjustments to your bindings. It’s under the Movement section, along with the slide binding to go with it. The default key is Left Ctrl. Controller settings are modified in the tab next to Keyboard Controls.

For the longest time since Fortnite‘s inception, the Save the World mode has neglected the crouch function altogether. This might be due to the fact that it’s a PvE mode, and switching between combative positions isn’t as crucial to the gameplay here as it is in Battle Royale. Even though there are enemies that hurl projectiles toward you, you weren’t able to stoop behind cover. The closest thing was to either cower until your health begins to regenerate or modify a structure.

Now with Chapter 3 Season 3 introducing sprinting and sliding, the Save the World folks can now embrace their full potential. We can finally dodge the zapper’s bullets and pitcher’s chaotic bones without breaking a sweat.

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