Fortnite | How to Destroy Chrome Objects

As part of the Paradise plot for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, we’ll be experimenting with chrome. The metallic material has invaded the Island, quickly spreading its presence onto a couple of locations as we speak. In order to further study the situation, we’ll need to work with Jonesy, who happens to have a challenge regarding a task to destroy chrome objects. This all plays into the central plot of Fortnite, so you might want to check it out if you’re curious about what happened to The Seven.

Fortnite Destroy Chrome Objects Challenge

Fortnite Destroy Chrome Objects Challenge

You can destroy any chrome objects with your harvesting tool while completing the appropriate Paradise quest with Jonesy. Specifically, you need to utilize a Chrome Splash onto large objects. Doing so will potentially produce chrome anomalies that can be dropped by using your harvesting tool. We recommend splashing buildings and trees to increase the drop rate of the anomalies. The main three locations where chrome is nearly omnipresent are Lustrous Lagoon, Herald’s Sanctum, and Shimmering Shrine. They’re all located on the right half of the map.

If you’re having trouble finding Chrome Splash, simply destroy any chromed structure, and you’ll start to receive some for yourself. The anomalies themselves will have a lower rate of appearing, but it shouldn’t take you too long to collect them. Once you’ve assembled the sufficient amount, the challenge will conclude. You’ll then have to wait for another match before continuing to go down the list of Paradise quests.

Keep in mind that this challenge won’t appear right away. It will occur after completing a few of the previous Paradise challenges while also awaiting further orders. But even then, you’ll need to continuously play the game if you wish to advance with the Paradise quests. By then, you’ll already know how to use the chromium features in the game, including the option to turn yourself into a blob. A quick transition into a blob of chrome can be advantageous, whether you’re evading trouble or rapidly traversing across the land.

Fortnite will be bringing in more quests and action for us to delve into within the coming weeks. In the meantime, we have a few more guides to help you out on the Island: