Fortnite | How to Open the Temple

One of the biggest changes in the new Fortnite season is the introduction of Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford’s iconic treasure hunter is in the game, but to unlock his skin you need to open a mysterious temple within the battle royale map. One of the Battle Pass quests is directly tied to getting inside the temple, which you can only do by following these specific instructions. Read on to learn how to open the temple in Fortnite.

How to Open the Temple in Fortnite

How to Open the Temple in Fortnite

Your first task will be to locate one of the three temples across the Fortnite island. The first is just north-east of the Daily Bugle, with two others in the Ruins and Shuffled Shrines, respectively. If you’ve explored the map fully and unlocked all POIs, they should be fairly easy to find.

At each of the temple entrances you’ll see a puzzle. There will be four shrines, each of a different color, adorning the front entrance. To open the temple, you’ll need to find the four corresponding stones across the area. Luckily, their spawn points are the same for all three temples. The first stone is towards the bottom of the area, located near a group of chests. The second is found north of the first stone, at the highest point of the temple POI.

The last two stones are equally simple to find. The third one is within a tent in close proximity to the second stone and the highest point. Having a scour from the high ground will make finding it easy. The last one is in the south-east end of the area, which you should bump into while combing the area for loot.

With all four stones collected, take them back to the temple entrance. Place each colored stone in the according shrine, and the temple doors should open. From there you’ll pass the quest, and be able to grab and of the free loot inside!