Fortnite | How to Turn Off Aim Assist

If you’re finding gunfights in Fortnite just a bit too easy, your best option is to turn off aim assist. This setting is commonplace in multiplayer shooters, providing a subtle amount of guidance to ensure your shots are slightly more accurate. Turning it off leaves your aim entirely down to you, adding a bit more skill to the equation. It also helps avoid the exaggerated movement that might otherwise throw off your rhythm. If you want to learn how to turn off aim assist in Fortnite, look no further!

How to Turn Off Aim Assist in Fortnite

How to Turn Off Aim Assist in Fortnite

To turn off aim assist in Fortnite, you’ll need to head into the game’s settings menu. To do that, simply load up the game, scroll to the cog icon, and head into Settings. Go across until you hit the Controller Options tab. From there, things get a little more complicated.

Firstly, you’ll need to scroll down to the Sensitivity tab, and select ‘On’ for the Use Advanced Options row. This will give you access to a slew of other customization choices once selected, and you’ll need to have it switched on to turn off aim assist. Once toggled on, scroll further down to the Advanced Sensitivity options. In there you’ll see an Aim Assist Strength meter, ranging from 0% to 100%. It’s at 100% by default, but if you want aim assist off you need to put it all the way down to 0%.

Do that, and save your changes, and aim assist in Fortnite should be off. Note that this will initially require a lot of adjustment, as the aiming help in Fortnite is subtle but definitely apparent. You may discover that your first few gunfights will feel very different, requiring a lot more precision than before. If you want to be a purist though, it’s the best way to ensure that every kill is borne purely out of your own gunfighting prowess.

Turning off aim assist in Fortnite won’t be a choice for everyone. If you wish to do it though, the path couldn’t be clearer!