Fortnite | How to Watch Replays

Are you trying to see what happened in that last round of Fortnite? Did you catch a bug in action or someone exploiting a glitch? Or maybe you want to relive that glorious moment where you got that perfect headshot? In either case, Fortnite allows players to record their gameplay via the replay feature in the game. It seems as if nothing much has changed for the setting in Chapter 3 Season 3, only that there are more accessible options. To see how you can record and watch replays in Fortnite, keep reading on for our notes below.

How to Watch Replays in Fortnite

How to Watch Replays in Fortnite

To watch your replays in Fortnite, you’ll need to configure the setting to actually record them first. Begin by going to the Settings and selecting the Game tab. It’s the one with the gear symbol. Scroll to the bottom for the final subsection reading “Replays”. Toggle “Record Replays” from off to on. The game will start recording and storing the gameplay after each match. Additionally, you have “Large Team Replays” and “Creative Mode Replays” for further acquired footage. There’s also the “Recording in Progress Indicator” that’s optional.

Then, exit Settings to return to the primary screen with your character. Among the main tabs for Play, Battle Pass, Compete, Locker, Item Shop, Career, and V-Bucks, select Career. This is where you can see a timeline of your achievements from previous games. At the bottom are two other tabs for Profile and Replays. Click on Replays, and you’ll be presented with your most recent matches. From here, you’ll be able to watch not only your perspective but the gameplay of others who were in the match. You can watch it in third-person or through the camerawork of a drone; pause at the right moment for a clean screenshot; maybe even toy with lighting effects for photography lovers.

Finally, be sure to save your desired replays by renaming the footage and securing it. You can always view them in the Replay folder whenever you select a said replay, where you’ll be taken to your Saved > Demos files if you prefer interacting with your PC.

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