Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher Locations | Where to Find

Fortnite and its Vibin’ fresh season of fun mayhem bring in a new projectile weapon: the Ripsaw Launcher. First introduced in Chapter 3 Season 3, the yellow saw’s purpose is to take down structures, but it can deal some enemy damage, as well. They’re traditionally used to chop down trees, and they’re a fun way to switch up the odds in combat. However, there is one definite spot where you can find them, and we’ll show you how with our notes below.

Where to Find Ripsaw Launchers in Fortnite

Where to Find Ripsaw Launchers in Fortnite

The best location to find the new Ripsaw Launchers is the Chop Shop near the very northern end of the map. It’s a red warehouse that sits outside the Choppin’ Chateau and Washout Wharf landmarks. This is where NPC Kyle and his chopped-up logs of wood reside. For further map reference, it’s northeast of the Logjam Lotus area within the snowy biome of the Island. Inside the Chop Shop will be multiple equipable Ripsaw Launchers hanging on walls or laying somewhere on the ground.

The Chop Shop is the guaranteed spot to acquire the new Miscellaneous Item. Fortnite is currently hosting the Ripsaw Launcher Week where it can now be found in chests until July 5th. Players can also find them in Supply Drops and Floor Loot. It’s merely a part of the June 28th Update v21.10 Hotfix, which temporarily highlights the new weapon.

Fortnite Ripsaw Launchers

While the name does imply incredible damage, the new launcher won’t serve you well during combat. Its ammo capacity only reaches 12 with a magazine size of 3 for each individual reload time of 3.75 seconds. Indeed, it does perform a 90 in DPS from a base 60 Damage, but they work entirely with gravity and obstacles. This tool is made to break structures apart with ease, not to charge toward enemy territory with the intent of revving up the saw. However, you can hold down the revving to tear buildings to pieces without shooting the saws away. In other words, as long as the weapon is revving, you’re free to invade structures without wasting ammo.

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