Fortnite Shattered Hope | How to Get

If Avengers: Endgame was right about one thing, it’s that Fortnite is still a popular game in 2023. As Chapter 4: Season 2 ensues with adjusted combat mechanics and fantastical lore, the players continue to trick out their avatars. Everyone has their own taste in terms of “armor” in Fortnite, but what about Back Bling? Do you want it to be small and adaptable or large and showy? What if the Shattered Hope Back Bling could provide such a thing for the latter? These belong to a particular character in Battle Royale, but players are able to don the metallic wings for themselves.

How to Get the Shattered Hope Back Bling in Fortnite

How to Get Shattered Hope in Fortnite

To get the Shattered Hope Back Bling, players need to purchase the Fallen Light Rare Pack from the Item Store. It’s marked at $3.99, a decision that can only be made with V-Bucks post-conversion. It first appeared in Chapter 2: Season 8 of the game.

Keep in mind that the Fallen Light Pack won’t be readily available upon visiting the aforementioned Item Store. Evidently, as more cosmetics enter Fortnite, the rarity of finding the Back Bling in question increases. We recommend checking out the Daily section for the store, which currently rotates Outfits, Emotes, and Harvesting Tools. There’s a good chance that the Shattered Hope item can pop up on any day.

For example, today’s (March 24, 2023) Daily offerings include the following avatars, tools, and Emotes:

  • Scarlet Defender (Outfit)
  • Instinct (Outfit)
  • Tropic Axe (Harvesting Tool)
  • Fire Spinner (Emote)
  • Crazy Feet (Emote)
  • Toasty (Emote)

The Fallen Light Rare not only contains the Shattered Hope item to wear but also a couple of other treats. There’s D’Ark, the dark variant of the angelic Ark Outfit from the Eternal Struggle Set; a new Harvesting Tool for chopping down structures, the Dark Blessing sword; 600 V-Bucks to boot.

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