Fortnite Tents | How to Camp

The latest chapter of Fortnite is here, and it introduces plenty of new items and equipment. One notable addition is the arrival of tents, letting your battle royale character camp for the night. The benefits this brings are vast, so it’s definitely something to keep on your radar. Join us as we look at how you can camp in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Fortnite Tents and Camps | How to Save Your Stuff

Fortnite Tents and Camps - How to Save Your Stuff

Using tents in Fortnite is a nice and easy job. However, you’ll need to find one first, which is easier said than done. That’s because, as with all Fortnite items, it randomly spawns across the map. As such, it’s impossible to predict where it’ll be in any given game, so you’ll have to go looking.

Once you’ve found a tent, it’s time to put together your camp. You do this by selecting the item in your inventory, and hitting the right trigger, or interact button on PC. This will place the tent down for you to heal up, and store up to three items. If placed strategically, that means you could carry several extra weapons into the later stages of a match.

When in the tent, you’re given the option to rest or manage your stored items. Resting will heal up your base health, but sadly won’t rejuvenate any of your shield. This ticks over quite slowly, so make sure you do it in a quiet, secure area. Once you’re finished with your camp, it’s as simple as clicking Pack Tent, picking it up, and heading to the next location. You can then place it down again, and you’ll find your stored items within. It’s an incredibly useful portable base, letting you rest up at will, and sort out your inventory.