Fortnite The Screwballer Location | How to Enter the Wind Tunnel in a Baller

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 2 challenges have officially arrived. There are a total of nine challenges this week that will reward players with 15,000 XP for completing them. One specific challenge will require players to find the Screwballer location so that they can enter the wind tunnel in a baller at The Screwballer.

Where to Find The Screwballer Location in Fortnite

Fortnite The Screwballer Location

In Fortnite, The Screwballer is located at the Rave Cave. To complete the enter the wind tunnel in a baller challenge, you’ll want to land inside the top of the pink bear. Once inside, you’ll see a baller that you can get inside. Hop inside and drive out of the bear onto the coaster track and then grapple into the wind tunnel.

Once you enter the wind tunnel, you’ll have completed the enter the wind tunnel in a baller at The Screwballer challenge and can claim your 15,000 XP.

So, now that you know where The Screwballer location is, it should be pretty easy to enter the wind tunnel in a baller. This is one of the easier Week 2 challenges and you should be able to complete it in a matter of minutes. However, if you’re trying to complete this challenge right when it launches, be mindful that there will probably be a lot of other players in the area. So keep your head on a swivel.

The Screwballer location is a new addition to Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite. It’s filled with lots of colors and attractions that make for a great place to explore. So once you finish the challenge, be sure to jump out of the baller and loot the area. You should be able to find plenty of items that’ll help you earn a victory royale.

Once you’ve finished up the Week 2 challenges, be sure to check the Snap challenge set and collect the Logjam Lumberyard Tover Tokens and the Reality Falls Tover Tokens to unlock limited-time styles for the Snap skin.