Fortnite | Where to Hide in a Dumpster and Flusher in a Single Match

Finding a dumpster and a flusher within a single match of Fortnite is easier done than said. It’s all a matter of knowing where to go and knowing how to access them. These spots have been in the game for quite some time, but some players might have some trouble locating them whilst in the middle of cautious combat. For the uninformed, the dumpsters and flushers can be the ultimate escape plan for a player in peril. You won’t need to go far for these, so be sure to read on to see where they are.

Where to Hide in a Dumpster and Flusher in Fortnite

Fortnite Where to Hide in a Dumpster and Flusher

Normally, players can find dumpsters within the populated towns at the side of a building. You can casually approach them to interact, which triggers the hiding animation for your character to vanish into them. For the flushers, players will have more luck locating them at a gas station, usually behind the structure in question. They come in blue porta-potties, and they act like a one-way ticket away from their position. Perfect for evasion, gone without a trace.

If you’re unfamiliar with the dumpsters and flushers, here’s how they essentially work. Dumpsters present themselves as temporary hiding spots for players to sneak away. You can see these are reliable resources, more so than the questionable green bushes that could conceal characters. Players are free to stay within the dumpster for as long as they like. Plus, no player can sense your presence if you choose to hide in a dumpster; nor will anyone judge you if you’re trying to win the match.

The flushers used to come in packs with the hope of tricking enemy players into thinking their opponents might be in one or the other. Now they mostly remain as evasive tunnels instead of staying idle for runaway fighters. Interact with one of these porta-potties, and you’ll be transported to another nearby spot without a scratch. Put both a town and a gas station in mind, and this challenge will be a breeze.

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