Forza Horizon 5 Drift Zones | How to Unlock

Drift Zones have been been a mainstay in the Forza Horizon series since the third installment. These designated Zones allow players to practice their drifting skills through curved roads that require turning. Mastering this skill can take a decent chunk of your time, but if you can unlock the drift zones to work on your racing ability, you might come out on top when engaging in future races.

How to Unlock Drift Zones in Forza Horizon 5

How to Unlock Drift Zones in Forza Horizon 5

Players can unlock Drift Zones by completing the Rush Canyon Expedition mission. This can be found under the Horizon Adventure section that provides access to Festivals and their challenges. Doing so will enable the zones to appear on the game’s map, but you’ll need to complete a couple of steps prior to unlocking the mission.

In order to obtain this mission, you need to progress through the story until you unlock Horizon Adventure with Accolade Points. Keep playing until you achieve an extra point for it. Once you do, open your menu and select the Horizon Adventure section. Opening this will give you open access to the six Festivals across Mexico. Scroll down until you reach Horizon Rush for PR Stunts. With your available unlocks, select the first mission “Canyon Expedition.”

Drift Zones will be unlocked once you finish Rush Canyon Expedition. There are only two objectives to “Canyon Expedition” that require a little driving, but not in the way you may assume. Firstly, you need to drive to the Fiesta Del La Luna to meet at a starting point for the festival. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be tasked with driving a parade float through a mega beach parade. It’ll be a slow drive until you reach the end of the parade, where the float cranks into high gear. You’ll basically drive down a road where you’ll then jump off a cliff, thus concluding the mission. Don’t worry about the float, Jaimin will say that it was worth it.

You’ll actually receive a few rewards for your efforts during this mission. You’ll receive the 1955 Hoonigan Chevrolet Bel Air, a new Forza Link, and a chicken suit. After Jaimin gives you some simple instructions on stuntwork, you can then look onto your map to see all of the available Drift Zones. If you’re having trouble finding them, you can always set map filters to get a better layout of where you want to go next.

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