Forza Horizon 5 Hall of Fame | How to Get In

With only less than a week since Forza Horizon 5‘s release, players have been racing to reach the Hall of Fame leaderboards. The thing is, this process isn’t necessarily cut-and-dry. You need to accomplish a ton of achievements and goals before you can be considered for the big leaderboards. But how can you do so with this fresh installment in the popular racing series? Here’s what you need to know about getting into the Hall of Fame.

How to Get Into the Hall of Fame in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Get Into Hall of Fame with Festivals

To get into the Hall of Fame, you must unlock all points in each Festival across the map of Mexico. There are a total of six Festivals that there are to be completed, along with their own line of challenges: Festival Mexico, Apex, Wilds, Baja, Rush, and Street Scene. This will come naturally as you progress through the story, so don’t expect to be in the Hall of Fame within a few hours. Additionally, you need to have 200,000 accolades in order to secure your place among the greats. These can be acquired through a variety of activities and challenges that range from Stories, Discovery, Online Play, and so on.

After your introduction to Mexico, you’ll start racing in the first Horizon Festival Mexico. You can then move on to the next region/Festival to continue on your journey into the Hall of Fame. Each Festival will come with its own set of challenges that you must complete in order to finish the Festival.

Festival Mexico features the main stage and four challenges with no distinctive weather and road effects. The Apex includes three challenges and will take you road racing. Wilds has four challenges, and you’ll be engaging in some dirt racing. Baja also has four challenges, and you’ll embark on cross-country racing in the west. Rush will see you performing PR stunts while also completing three challenges. The final Festival, Street Scene, takes the player to the streets with three challenges to accomplish.

You’ll receive an invitation to the Hall of Fame once you finish all Festivals and accumulate 200,000 Accolades. You can then head back to Horizon Festival Mexico to complete your mission.

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