Forza Horizon 5 Hammer Mountain | Where to Find Dragon

The Hot Wheels DLC is certainly on fire for Forza Horizon 5, with many drivers itching to complete the challenges ahead. We can collect a few famous diecasts from the franchise, but we have to go through some milestones to get there. One such task in mind is finding the green dragon atop the Hammer Mountain location. Many players are struggling to find this location, but we got your fix right here. Just be sure you have a fast ride for this personal expedition.

Where to Find the Dragon at Hammer Mountain in Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels DLC

Where to Find the Dragon at Hammer Mountain in Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels DLC

The Dragon at Hammer Mountain can be easily located southeast of the map, at the Giant’s Canyon. For Hot Wheels DLC drivers, you’ll be tasked with starting at the Outpost until you start driving toward the Dragon. The timer will commence, which runs for three minutes and 15 seconds. As long as you reach the green dragon within that time, the challenge will be complete. It’s merely a matter of racing along the correct orange track, but you can simply mark down the location via your map. Refer to our image here where we placed a pinpoint on where you need to go.

As you progress through the challenge, you’ll need to haul gas over there if you’re worried about lost time. Just make sure you equip a speedy and sturdy car when trying to reach Hammer Mountain. As we all know by now, the Horizon Hot Wheels Park is unlike any other from the Forza Horizon 5 package. We’re taken into the skies for these tasks, so the adrenaline rush is ought to be instilled altogether. Be fast, be smooth, but above all else, be wary of those sharp corners. Finding the dragon at the Hammer Mountain location is a roughly easy task as long as you have a fast diecast and a certain route, thanks to your GPS.

Locate the green dragon then approach it. The mission shall be completed, with you continuing your journey into becoming a Hot Wheels Legend. You’ll easily come across other players and magnetic fields while getting here, but this is where the green dragon resides. Keep on leveling up, and don’t forget to customize your favorite rides!

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