Forza Horizon 5 License Plate | How to Change

Being stylish is almost as important as being fast in Forza Horizon 5. While your opponents may be eating your dust, it’s best to be fashionable for the celebration podium. There are a lot of car customization options, but there’s one element of the car that might be less familiar: the license plate. While you might be happy with the default option, there’s a lot to love about writing your own message on the back of your car. So, how do you make your own vanity plate in FH5?

How to Change License Plates in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 License Plate

In order to change your license plate in Forza Horizon 5, you must head to the garage menu. In there, you’ll find the license plates option, which has a ton of different options. You can edit the actual lettering of the plate, alter plates for the special Forza Edition cars, or remove the plate entirely.

The Garage option is part of your menus, in the same area as “Buy & Sell” and “My Festival”. This tab also holds your Car Collection, and is where you upgrade or paint your car. “License Plates” is the bottom right option of Garage in the current version of FH5.

In this menu, you can change your vanity plate for your specific cars. This includes 8 slots to change lettering or add symbols. Then, you can just hit accept to save your plate. This will be your default plate for all of your cars.

However, sometimes, you might not want any wording to ruin your vehicle’s paint job. Perfectly fine! Check out the bottom left of your screen and choose “Remove License Plate” to see what it looks like. You can reattach it at any time by simply pressing “Attack Plate” whenever you want. This is good; some cars look a touch weird with a fully empty back.

Unfortunately, the only way to change the style of your plate is with special edition cars. The Forza Edition vehicles share a golden license plate that looks fancy. All other cars just come with the standard white and black, even if its the fastest drag car that you can find.