Forza Horizon 5 New Heights Treasure Chest Location | Where to Find

For the current Festival Season in Forza Horizon 5, there are some challenges that players might want to keep an eye on. With temporary challenges and events, missing out can mean passing on by some worthy rewards. For the New Heights treasure chest, time might be running out if you’re looking to make some extra coin. But don’t fret, we looked into the challenge and location, and you can find all of our notes down below.

Where to Find the New Heights Treasure Chest Location

Forza Horizon 5 Where to Find New Heights Treasure Chest Location

The New Heights treasure chest location is near Baja California, and it is a part of a Festival Playlist. Scroll through the Summer tab to find the “New Heights” Treasure Hunt within the Challenges section. The challenge tasks you with earning a 2-Star Rating from the Heights of MulegĂ© Danger Sign while driving the Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray 2020. Once you equip your ride, check your map for the Danger Sign location near Baja California. All you need to do is gain enough speed and air when driving off the cliff to earn the 2-Star Rating. After you stick the landing, your next instructions will be given.

On your map, you’ll notice an orange-red circle area right next to your landing. This is the general area for the treasure chest. But instead of driving around mindlessly looking for the chest, focus your attention on the big white tents in the area. The purple chest will be somewhat in front of the tents as opposed to the sides and lost in the cacti. Once you find it, simply drive through the chest, and 50,000 Credits will be deposited to you.

Your rewards don’t end there, however. Head over to your Festival Playlist reward page to find the “Lootbox” reward. This will be unlocked after you’ve found your first treasure chest. Unlock this and the new Forza Link “X Marks The Spot!” will be provided to you.

Be sure to look for more challenges that might offer substantial rewards for your racing efforts. Not every event is permanent, so it’s best to start getting behind the wheel as soon as the road calls for you.

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