Forza Horizon 5 Star 27’s Mural Location | Where to Find

Forza Horizon 5 is filled with tons of Seasonal Challenges that change throughout the year. One of the Photo Challenges called Mural Compass will task players with visiting the Star 27’s mural location in Mulege and snapping a picture of any Modern Sports Car in front of it. This may sound daunting, but it’s actually quite simple once you know where to find the mural.

Where to Find Star 27’s Mural Location in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Star 27 Mural

The Star 27’s mural is located in Mulege, which is just southeast of Baja California near your Casa Bella home. Once you see the arch that reads Heroica Mulege, take your first left and continue down the road until you see the colorful mural on your right, it has a cacuts and a sun on it. You can see the exact location of the mural on the map above.

After you’ve found the Star 27’s mural location, simply park your car in front of it and enter Photo Mode by pressing up on the D-Pad. Play around with it until you find a shot you like and press A to snap a photo. Just make sure that you can clearly see the mural and the car in order to complete the Mural Compass photo challenge.

If you’ve completed the challenge properly, a screen will pop up validating your success and rewarding you with 50 Accolade Points. These are a new feature this year and you’ll need to unlock Accolade Points if you want to progress the story in the game, so be sure to check out the challenge menus every now and then for new opportunities to earn some extra points.

If the screen doesn’t pop up, it probably means that you didn’t take the picture with a Modern Sports Car. Thankfully, you get one of these at the beginning of the game, so if you’re not sure what car to use, just use the Toyota GR Supra 2020.

If you don’t see the challenge in the first place, it simply means you haven’t progressed far enough into the game. You’ll need to unlock the Festival Playlist to get the challenge, which you can’t do until you’ve completed the first few races and purchased a house.

With the Star 27 mural challenge complete, you can move on to another Photo Challenge or continue in the story. If you’re trying to buy a few new cars along the way, be sure to take advantage of the money glitch that will allow you to earn credits fast. After all, there are a lot of cars to buy in the game!