Forza Horizon 5 | When Do Seasons Change?

Mexico is filled with amazing sights and summer love in Forza Horizon 5. There’s nothing like speeding down the runway with your fellow racers to see who can get to the finish line under the sun. But the developers love to spice things up with a change in scenery. That’s why the road won’t always be the same when you log back into your ride. With this in mind, players should look forward to a change in the seasons that will occur, but just how often do they change?

When Do Seasons Change in Forza Horizon 5?

Forza Horizon 5 When Do Seasons Change

Drivers can expect the seasons to change every Thursday at 9:30 AM ET (6:30 AM PT) in Forza Horizon 5. These times correspondingly align with 2:30 PM GMT for the UK and 3:30 PM CEST for Europe. A weather change countdown will commence on your screen as the time clicks closer to the season reset. It will also inform you of which season will be next. Once the countdown reaches 00:00, the change will then come into effect.

As would one might expect, there are four seasons in Forza Horizon 5, and they all vary based on biome conditions and weather. There’s Spring, the Hot Season; Summer, the Wet Season; Autumn, Storm Season; then Winter, a Dry Season. Not every area on the map will be affected the same as some of the other popular biomes. Some will drop tropical rain while dust storms might become a problem for the dryer roads.

Not only will a seasonal change bring new climate challenges, but the Festival Playlist will also adapt to the weather as well. The new PR Stunts will ring in new twists and turns for the daredevils looking to touch the sky. These include the Drift Zones, Speed Zones, Speed Traps, and Danger Signs for you to check out. Just make sure you got the right set of wheels for the scene. Additionally, the competitive crowd can also keep an eye out for the new racing championships that will be altered to go with their respective season.

With the insane amount of cars you can accumulate throughout the game, you’re bound to have a ride that will be powerful enough for any of the changing seasons. Just be careful where you might slip and slide out there.