Game Pass Completely Removes $1 Trial Ahead Of Starfield Launch

As much joy as video games can bring, the people behind them have been known to make some frustrating and disappointing decisions. While many of us have been observing Starfield closely, the game hasn’t generated a lot of negativity but it has created a stir among those who stand to benefit from its launch. Since it’s Microsoft exclusive, that means the game will only be available through PC (on platforms like Steam) and on Xbox. It will also be ready to download for free on Game Pass day one. However, Game Pass has responded in a very harsh way by removing its trial completely.

Starfield on Game Pass, but no more Trials

Bethesda has been getting a lot of credit for Starfield and the work anticipating players and people in the industry have been noticing. It’s going to be a huge seller, and retailers of all sorts are doing what they can to make the most from their launch, such as unusual bundle deals.

Unfortunately, according to Eurogamer, Game Pass has opted to earn more revenue and subscribers by eliminating the most accessible trial option. While the platform initially offered a decently generous month-long trial for the small cost of one dollar, this was eventually cut down to two weeks, and now it’s gone altogether.

It’s never surprising when companies pull questionable practices all in the name of profit, and players have learned to tolerate them. Whether it’s endless Early Access periods, season passes, or microtransactions (none of which are popular), they at least made sense and players still got something out of them. With the decision to remove the trial on Game Pass a little over a week before Starfield launches, the only one that stands to benefit from it is the company.

To put it frankly, this is a blatant example of a company prioritizing itself over its loyal customers. It also reinforces the idea that perhaps a significant number of people would be able to fully experience and complete a game as large as Starfield in under two weeks.

Starfield will finally be launching soon, and players are getting ready to dedicate a lot of time to it. For prospective Game Pass users, they’ll need to block out more than two weeks, since that trial period will no longer be offered.