Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 | Roundup of Every Announcement

While Summer Game Fest may be behind us for the year, there’s no stop to conference season! Taking place in Germany, Gamescom is back for another year. To kick off proceedings is the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 livestream hosted by Geoff Keighley himself. Expect plenty of updates on high-profile games in development, alongside some surprise reveals. Games like The Callisto Protocol and Sonic Frontiers are likely to appear, making this a very significant show.

How to Watch Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022

Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 takes place on August 23, 2022 at 2 PM ET. You can watch the show streamed on YouTube below. Expect two hours of news, trailers, and surprises.

If you’re unable to watch the conference live but don’t want to miss any of the news, then worry not. Our live blog below will keep you up to date with the biggest news coming straight out of Gamescom.

Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 Roundup

Check out our blog below for rolling coverage of Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 as it happens. We’ll break down all the biggest trailers, gameplay showcases, and announcements! Fingers crossed the summer game season ends on a high note!

Everywhere Announcement Trailer

The show kicks off with a look at a new open-world game, Everywhere. It appears to be very early on in development right now, but the focus is on exploring new areas, building places together with the community, and allowing players to create a world totally attuned to their desires. We see snippets of concept art, ranging from intense shootouts to grassy vistas, proving just how unique this platform can be.

That’s followed by some cinematic footage, showing these vast, expansive biomes in action. There’s volcanoes, deserts, even race courses, limited only by what you can conjure up. It still looks very far off, but is nonetheless an impressive showing. Geoff Keighley then speaks to a member of the dev team, Adam Whiting. He says that the game is as varied as you can imagine, effectively a sandbox, but hints at an overall narrative behind it as well. The game is set to release in 2023.

Dune Awakening Reveal Trailer

Next is a look at the new game from Funcom, in collaboration with Legendary Pictures. Excitingly, it’s a triple-A title set in the Dune universe, with a key quote from the book opening the trailer. That’s followed by a look at the dusty terrain of Arrakis, and of course the giant worm that prowls the desert. It’s unclear whether you’ll play as series protagonist Paul Atreides or not, but it’s an exciting prospect nonetheless.

Even better, it’s set to release fairly soon, with a beta available for sign-ups now. As an open world action MMO, Dune Awakening should be a big game.

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

We next get an exclusive global premiere from PlayStation. It’s a redesigned DualSense controller, fresh with replaceable thumbsticks, a revamped touch pad, and plenty of other innovations. Aimed to be a competitor to the Xbox Elite controller, it’s definitely geared towards hardcore console players.

The Callisto Protocol Gamescom Opening Night Live Gameplay Trailer

Next, we’re treated to another look at The Callisto Protocol in action. There’s a fairly in-depth look at gameplay, with our protagonist slowly creeping through the monster-infested spaceship. The game’s intense gore mechanics are on full display, with enemies bursting into squibs and suffering some pretty gruesome dismemberment. A new enemy type is revealed too: monsters which mutate with new limbs and abilities if you fail to kill them in quick time.

There’s also a more action-packed segment, with a set piece showing the protagonist slipping through the ship’s water chute. The water physics look impeccable here, with the tension ramped up even more, with an array of saws threatening to kill you instantly. Things get gruesome!

The Lords of the Fallen Reveal Trailer

Next is a look at a deep new fantasy game. We see a world ripped to shreds by demonic forces, but a sword-wielding hero who embraces these evil spirits to battle against them. With a rock track playing in the background amidst battles against a three-headed dragon, it’s not quite like any other fantasy game.

Our hero then unexpectedly dies, but is revived by the glowing blue lamp they carry around. This sequel to Lords of the Fallen releases solely on next-gen consoles and PC, but there’s no release date yet.

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

After a recent delay, Hogwarts Legacy takes the main stage. The voiceover discusses whether wizards should harness dark magic or not, even to defeat the worst evil around. With a look at spell-casting in action, combat against other wizards and even some skulls, things get action-packed.

The trailer is much darker than most would expect from the Harry Potter franchise, but it’s proof that this game is taking things in a different direction. Pre-orders also get early access, and plenty of Dark Arts-themed packs. They go live on August 25.

New Tales From The Borderlands Reveal

This game sadly leaked last week, however today is the official reveal of New Tales from the Borderlands. Set once again in the wacky sci-fi universe, we get a look at gameplay for the first time. The game focuses on three protagonists trapped during an invasion, desperate to find a way out. The usual Borderlands quirks are here, including wacky combat, comedic enemies, and a very distinct art style. Tales from the Borderlands releases this October, on all the main consoles and platforms you can imagine!

Dying Light 2 DLC Trailer

This expansion focuses on arena combat and some of the more brutal apocalyptic civilizations. There’s more of a focus on human-to-human combat rather than the undead. You’ll battle in arenas, before dropping out and being left to the franchise’s signature zombies.

The expansion is called Bloody Ties and releases on October 13.

Sonic Frontiers

One of the most anticipated games at tonight’s show is Sonic Frontiers. Today, we got a look at gameplay, as well as a confirmed release date. The trailer shows Sonic arriving in this mysterious new land, dealing with huge towers and various areas to traverse. Classic Sonic gameplay is still here, with side-scrolling speed a key focus. Nonetheless, Sonic’s quest to save Amy from these robotic forces is something new for the series. Look out for intense real-time combat, huge boss battles, and plenty of platforming mixed in.

Of course, we also get a release date as well. Sonic Frontiers will release on November 8, 2022.

Under the Waves Reveal Trailer

We then see a new water-based game from Quantic Dream. The lone protagonist wanders a desolate underwater land, with a key focus on visuals. Expect to learn far more about the game prior to its 2023 release date.

Goat Simulator 3 Gameplay

This second – yes, second – entry in the Goat Simulator franchise was one of the biggest surprises at Summer Game Fest. The series looks bigger and better than ever, with activities ranging from driving cars to hang gliding. There’s plenty of mayhem to cause no matter what animal you play as, be it a shark or goat. Become goat royalty, ascend into the skies, or shoot yourself out of a cannon. Goat Simulator 3 is a sandbox for all the chaos you can muster up.

Return to Monkey Island Release Date

We then get a look at this sequel to the classic PC point-and-click adventure series at Gamescom Opening Night Live. With a brief glimpse at gameplay, we also find out that it’ll come out on September 19, 2022. Pre-orders are even live now!

Moonbreaker Gamescom Opening Night Live Reveal Trailer

Next is a new turn-based sci-fi game from the creators of Subnautica. Author Brandon Sanderson makes an appearance to reveal the new Unknown Worlds game Moonbreaker. With colorful game boards, you use a range of wacky pieces to do battle with tactics deep at its core. Even better, they move as clunkily as real-life game pieces, giving it a lot of charm. That charm is bolstered by the ability to digital paint each piece yourself.

We then get a chat with one of the team, explaining that each unit has their own special abilities, and that you pick your roster. Hearthstone meets XCOM is the comparison, which is definitely an enticing prospect. Even better, the game comes out in early access this September.

Lies of P Trailer

This atmospheric adventure game takes the stage next. Set in a huge castle, it has cyberpunk elements with robotic limbs and magical powers throughout. you play as a young man trekking through this desolate fantasy city, grappling with beasts while also uncovering the game’s family-based mystery. It looks more than a little spooky, but should appeal to horror and sci-fi fans. Think The Order 1886 meets Dark Souls, and you’re on the right tracks! The game is due out next year.

Stranded: Alien Dawn Trailer

The next game opens with an astronaut crashing their ship into a new planet. Unsure of their surroundings, the two gradually build up shelter while witnessing the vast array of animals and natural phenomena laying around. Expect in-depth city-building mechanics, combat against invading creatures, and plenty of cutomization. The game launches on PC later this year.

Atlas Fallen Reveal Trailer

Next is a new game from Focus Entertainment, launching a new IP. Set in an ancient world decimated by an alien invasion, you play as warriors focused on sheer liberation. It won’t be easy though, because your foes are often huge monsters that’ll make taking them down a lot harder. You aren’t alone though, harnessing technology to wield weapons, battle massive enemies, and traverse with fluidity. The game releases in 2023 on next-gen consoles and PC.

Genshin Impact 3.0 Trailer

The new Genshin Impact update is almost here, and this trailer shows off some new elements in action. With a new region to explore, a new bow-wielding character, and plenty of battles to come, it’s a big expansion. The trailer ends with a tease of ancient ruins, likely there for you to explore when 3.0 lands. Check it out when it goes live this week, completely for free.

Honkai Star Rail Trailer

We then get a look at another HoYoVerse game, the upcoming RPG Honkai Star Rail. Playing as a hero stuck on a train and plagued with intense nightmares, it’s your job to get to the bottom of the mystery. No details on a release date just yet though!

High on Life

This gameplay clip from the FPS High on Life comes next. Made by Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, it’s as wacky as you’d expect. We get to see a boss fight against a bug creature 9-Torg, with your gun quipping back to you as you fight. More than just shooting, you also can grapple to add some verticality to combat. And yes, your grappling hook talks to you too!

Look out for High on Life when it releases later this year, also on Xbox Game Pass.

The Expanse Behind-The-Scenes Clip

The first game coming from the revamped Telltale studio is The Expanse, based on the series of the same name. We hear from Stephan Frost, Game Director, who says that they want to push the genre forward. It’ll be more engaging and interactive, more than just witnessing events unfold. The game releases in Summer 2023.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game

Nobody saw this coming! An asymmetrical multiplayer horror game based on the cult horror movie, this releases next year. It’s surely one to keep an eye on. Many will be curious to see whether it can push the genre forward after other asymmetrical horror games including Evil Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Scars Above Reveal Trailer

Here is another post-apocalyptic sci-fi game, where you play as a group of survivors dealing with an alien invasion on Earth. No news on a release date yet. However, it is confirmed for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Wyrdsong Reveal Trailer

Up next is a fantasy RPG with contributions from devs renowned for franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. This isn’t a Bethesda game though, instead seeming to take some inspiration from folklore. The trailer is very short and incredibly obscure, meaning this is one to keep tabs on.

Where Winds Meet Trailer

If you like samurai games, you’ll definitely like the look of this. This moody action game is set well in the past, with plenty of sword-based combat at its core. No news on a release date yet, but this is one to watch.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Trailer

Next is a new look at the upcoming DC Comics game. Set in a period where both Batman and Commissioner Gordon have died, it’s up to the next generation of heroes to protect Gotham. Villains teased include Mr. Freeze, Professor Pyg, and Harley Quinn. Of course, this isn’t set in the Batman Arkham continuity, but it’s still sure to be a hit with comics fans. The range of enemies is incredibly varied, with more than just regular grunts to battle. The game also has a new release date of October 21, a few days prior to its planned launch.

Hideo Kojima Appearance

Next is a brief appearance from legendary games developer Hideo Kojima. Sadly no news on any upcoming games this time, but instead details on his new partnership with Spotify. We want Silent Hills!

Park Beyond Trailer

Next is a look at the upcoming theme park simulator game. You’ll design an array of rollercoasters in your park, with all sorts of wacky attractions – or obstacles – littered throughout. The game releases next year.

Pokémon x Mini Collaboration

This is a wacky one – a new Mini car themed all around Pokémon. Fully electric to mirror the iconic Pikachu, it can also connect your games consoles to play within the vehicle. It’s a unique announcement!

Warhammer 40K Darktide

This brutal first-person action game is as gruesome as it comes. Playing as a high-powered warrior trapped in a loop of combat, your job is to stave off wave after wave of grunts to protect the settlement of Tertium. From revolvers to shotguns, grenades to battle axes, combat is very much the focus here. The game releases on November 30, 2022.

Blacktail Trailer

This open world game tasks you with defeating plenty of invaders in your native forest. Armed solely with a ow and arrow, you also harness witchcraft to defeat enemies in a whimsical way. There’s a moral quandry at play though, with you getting to choose to use your powers for good or evil. The game releases later this year.

Dorf Romantik Trailer

Next is a look at a stylish world-builder filled with different biomes to use. The game is set on a grid, so you’ll gradually unlock each tile to expand your region. It launches on Nintendo Switch on September 29, and is already out on other platforms.

The Outlast Trials Trailer

After it was announced last Gamescom, we finally get another look at The Outlast Trials. It looks intense, with your character experimented upon to see just how much mental strife a human can take. It’s less supernatural than previous games and more psychological, but the violence is still just as visceral as ever. The Outlast Trials will have a closed beta in late September 2022, but no release date yet.

The Finals Teaser

This FPS mixes up with a game show format to produce something very unique. However, we don’t get to see much of it in action, with a Steam playstest starting soon and a wider reveal next month.

Dead Island 2 Re-Reveal

The final game of the conference is the long-awaited Dead Island 2. The trailer opens by showing a hungover protagonist realizing they are infected with something sinister, before spotting a range of dead people in their house. Yes, this wacky trailer is for Dead Island2, which is just as gruesome and bloody as you remember it all those years ago. The trailer is brimming with the style of its original reveal. Even better, it has a release date of February 3, 2023.

The game has six playable characters, each with their own perks and personalities. Set in a pastiche of Los Angeles, the game is billed as a tribute to pulpy horror B-movies. Labelled a “combat toybox,” it’ll no doubt live up to the vast expectations. We also get a brief look at gameplay, which is as bloody as you’d hope. From crushing skulls to slicing up zombies, it’ll be an action-packed experience.

That’s it for all the big announcements at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022! With some massive announcements and big surprises along the way, it was more than worth checking out. What were your favorite picks from the show?