Gears Of War Is Getting A Netflix Movie

There aren’t many video game films and series adaptations that have performed well. Still, that won’t stop people from trying it with other established games. Next in the show is Gears of War, confirmed for a film adaptation that will appear on Netflix. It looks like the writer behind the adaptation is Jon Spaihts, known for Prometheus, among other films. He’ll have the support of The Coalition, one of the developer teams behind the series. As one of the most action-packed and brutal video game series out there, Gears of War has a lot to work with in terms of being an adrenaline-filled spectacle.

The Gears of War Netflix Movie

In 2006, the golden age of the Xbox 360, people got the chance to feel like minivan-sized space marines in Gears of War. The game went on to spawn several sequels, with the last being Gears of War 5 released in 2019. Since then, the series has been dormant, but that’s because it’s gearing up for a movie.

Jon Spaihts, the writer behind the Doctor Strange Marvel movie, will be adapting Gears of War for a Netflix movie. He brings a lot of enthusiasm to the project, referring to the game as “one of the all-time great action games… that drives home the lethality of war and the importance of standing by your squadmates.” He is supported by The Coalition, with one member stating that “Jon is a master storyteller with a talent for creating epic science fiction universes.”

The Gears of War name may not be as clear-cut as other action games, but it gets right into the nitty-gritty. The story begins on an earth-like planet called Sera which possessed a powerful energy source. Of course, this led to conflict among nations for possession with the chaos resulting in the appearance of the Locusts, a subterranean alien race. Now forced to fight an
an entirely new threat, humans are banding together to fight the Locust Horde, with Marcus Fenix as the main character and leader of Delta Squad under the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG).

While there may not be a new Gears of War game in the works, the series is far from over. With Jon Spaihts adapting it as a film for Netflix, it still has more to offer.