Genshin Impact | Where to Find Bird Eggs

Genshin Impact has loads of items for crafting, cooking, and upgrading your heroes. However, when it comes to knowing exactly where you should go to get some of the more generic items, the game is not great at holding your hand. Bird eggs in Genshin Impact are annoying to find even at the best of times. You might have a couple just chilling in your inventory, and have no idea where they came from! Luckily, if you need to farm bird eggs, then we’ve got the guide just for you.

Where to Find Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact

Where to find bird eggs in Genshin Impact

The best way to find bird eggs in Genshin Impact is to look for trees with nests in them. You can either attack the tree with a melee weapon, or climb up the tree to get the eggs from the nest. You can also occasionally get them by whacking a bush with a melee weapon. Bishui Plain is one of the best locations to find the trees that might have eggs in them. You can also get them from the Draff Vendor, or by sending your heroes out on expeditions.

Bird eggs are most useful as a cooking ingredient, because you can make a ridiculous number of recipes from bird eggs. These recipes require one to five Bird Eggs, depending on the strength of the meal you’re creating.

Some of the more impressive meals include Fullmoon Egg, Moon Pie, and the Golden Crab. The Fullmoon Egg restores a character to life with 1,200 health, making it a consistent revive. The Moon Pie is a great durability booster, increasing shield strength and defense. The Golden Crab is another durability meal, but also increases health restored by healing magic by 8% or more.

Eggs are also required in a lot of mid-to-high rank recipes, and can make great throwaway meals to ensure you don’t fail quests that don’t deserve more expensive meals.

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