Ghost of Tsushima | What is Legends Mode?

Out of the many different content updates to grace Ghost of Tsushima, the most impressive is Legends Mode. This game mode offers an entirely new way to play the amazing action RPG. If you were bored of the mainline game, this might be a breath of fresh air! However, nothing about the mode seems overly different from the mainline game. Just what exactly are we getting into here? And is it worth grabbing, either solo or as an add-on to the base game?

What is Legends Mode in Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima‘s Legends Mode is the multiplayer co-op – and Player vs Player – of the Tsushima formula. Players are asked to perform missions with one another using the same combat, exploration, and stealth that Jin Sakai has. The main difference is that the missions are linear, you gain gear at the end of the mission, and you level up specific classes.

The mode’s main gimmick is the classes. There are four in total;

  • Samurai, the melee bruiser
  • Hunter, the archer specialist
  • Ronin, the support character
  • Assassin, the stealth expert

These classes come with gear, which you earn by completing any mission or game mode. Legends Mode is currently split into 3 separate modes. Each one offers a slightly different experience. But, all of them are included in the Legends separate game, or in the version you get with Ghost of Tsushima.


Ghost of Tsushima Legends Survival Mode

The story mode is two-player mode of ten separate arcs. It can be played solo. This mode has ten linear missions of three chapters in which the two players complete objectives that never change.

Each chapter has four different difficulty options. Easy allows you to have infinite continues, but rewards you with the worst gear. Gold and Silver allow two or three Continues each, respectively. On Gold Difficulty, you must use a Continue if any Ghost dies, rather than if the team is wiped. Finally, on Nightmare difficulty, there are no continues, and no Ghosts can die. Nightmare difficulty is unique because it is a weekly event rather than a static difficulty setting.

The story is rewarding to play through, and a complete run should give you enough gear to progress to the next difficulty stage. If you and a friend like Ghost of Tsushima enough, this alone is a worthy investment.

This mode does have a lobby invite system as well as Quickplay to matchmake online.


Ghost of Tsushima Legends Story Mode

This is the main gimmick of Survival difficulty, because it’s where four-player co-op lives! You and your team must defend three regions against waves of enemies, including boss waves. Like Story, Survival has difficulty settings: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Nightmare. Unlike Story, you only win Survival if you survive for a certain number of waves, 15 for Bronze, 20 for Silver, and 25 for Gold and Nightmare.

Each set of five waves introduces a ton of difficult enemies and a world modifier to buff them all with. Your team will have to be light on their toes if they want to make sure all three regions stay safe! Thankfully, it’s only on Gold and Nightmare that a single Ghost dying fails the entire mission.

We don’t recommend playing this solo. Most of the fun comes from the crazy hordes of enemies that you have to work together to take down.

Like Story mode, this mode does have a lobby invite system as well as Quickplay to matchmake online.


Ghost of Tsushima Rivals Mode

Rivals is the most recent addition to Legends, and is basically an entirely new mode altogether. It’s similar to Survival on the surface, but with notable differences.

First of all, you’re now playing with two teams of two characters. Slaying enemies builds Magatama, which can help you complete your tasks faster than the enemy team.

The things you can spend Magatama include Curses to debuff enemies, hwachas to physically damage them, or blessings that allow you to regenerate health or deal more damage. Moving quickly and spending your Magatama is important, but so is knowing when you should just keep fighting enemies.

It’s recommended to practice in other modes before jumping into this one. Jin Sakai might be similar in theory to these classes… But they are pretty unique to him!

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