Ghost of Tsushima | When to Play Iki Island

The incredible story of Jin in Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t end after the main campaign. As a great addition to the base game, Iki Island not expands the narrative but also introduces all-new enemies. If you’re wondering when you should play the DLC island, you won’t have to progress far before you can travel off-shore. Keep reading to see when is the best time to start Iki Island.

When to Play Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima When to play Iki Island guide

You’ll be able to start Iki Island after completing the first act in Ghost of Tsushima. But for the sake of story purposes, the best time to play Iki Island is after finishing the main story. This is to ensure that you have all of the required armor and skills, since the new DLC area is filled with dangerous enemies.

In addition to the dangers of the Island, the DLC also adds more background to Jin and the world. Since you can access the Island after the first act, the choice is entirely up to you on when to make the journey. The Iki Island storyline can be seen as a separate main quest, adding a solid 8-10 hours of new gameplay that expands on the rest of Ghost of Tsushima.

The Dangers of the Island

The Mongol warriors that have pillaged Iki Island have come equipped with new weapons and a fierce attitude. With the DLC comes a fixed lock-on system to give the players a better chance during combat. Your horse has also been given a boost to help take down enemies with a deadly charge. For those looking to traverse and take some magnificent shots with Photo Mode, the grappling hook has been altered to provide new pathways to look into.

You can start the DLC area any time after you’ve finished the first act. Don’t rush it, though. It’s best to play Iki Island after you’ve made it through the main narrative. That way you’re not constantly dying from the island’s vicious new enemies. If you don’t have the appropriate skills to take down the Mongolian Eagle tribe, you might want to wait a while before jumping into the game’s latest DLC.

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