Ghostwire: Tokyo Delayed to Early 2022

The upcoming PlayStation 5 console exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo has been delayed by a few months to early 2022. Developer Tango Gameworks announced the delay on Twitter, suggesting that the COVID-19 pandemic played a role in the delay. Its release was initially set for October 2021.

Tango Gameworks announced the news in a tweet, stating that the delay was to “[protect] the health of everyone at Tango,” likely meaning that COVID-19 pandemic and work from home impacted development. There’s good news though, as the tweet mentions “more in the coming months,” suggesting new information in the near future.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Ghostwire pits you as a protagonist with newly developing supernatural powers. Your job is to uncover the truth behind millions of mysterious disappearances in the city. You’ve also got to contend with the ominous Visitors, haunted phantoms that prowl the city. Tango Gameworks is tight-lipped on further plot details, though we’re bound to hear something in the coming months.

Of course, Ghostwire: Tokyo is far from the first game delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Deathloop was pushed back from May to September earlier this year. Since then, God of War: Ragnarok was also hit with a delay. As the pandemic starts to come to an end, we can only hope there won’t be more pushbacks to hotly anticipated releases.

Is Ghostwire: Tokyo coming to Xbox?

Interestingly, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a PS5 console exclusive, but developed by Tango a studio that happens to be owned by Microsoft. Technically speaking, Tango is owned by Bethesda, who has since been bought by Microsoft. However, since the game was announced before the Bethesda acquisition last year, the deal won’t affect Ghostwire’s release – and a concurrent PC version will still launch next year. It’s a console-timed exclusive, so Tango will release an Xbox version as soon as the exclusivity clause runs out. Let’s hope the delay will result in a better end product, as it’s shaping up to be an exciting release.