Goat Simulator 3 5G Towers | Where to Find

Goat Simulator 3 has a lot of odd and entertaining content, but at the same time, it comes with a fair amount of secret content and Easter eggs. One way to unlock a secret cutscene and in-game event is by activating all three of the 5G Towers. Scattered across San Angora, goats will need to locate each of these towers and turn them on in order to trigger the mysterious event. If you’re wondering how to achieve that, keep reading because we explain how just below!

Where to Find 5G Towers in Goat Simulator 3

Where to Find 5G Towers in Goat Simulator 3

The first of the 5G Towers in Goat Simulator 3 can be found in Farmeadows Ranch, in the southernmost region of the map. It’s pretty hard to miss as it’s a big power plant compound right along the coast, with a tall electric tower node as the obvious landmark.

Hop the gate to get in, then look for a broken junction box. Ram into this box, which will electrocute you for a short period of time. You then must do some goat parkour and carry the electrical charge to the three smaller electrical nodes in the power plant. Obviously, this is time-sensitive, so it may take a couplet of tries before you perfect the route.

Once you’ve charged up all three electrical nodes, you will activate the large electrical tower and it will shoot a giant beam of electricity to one of the other two 5G Towers. Now, you have to go activate the other 5G Towers, the same way you did the first, to connect all three. The second tower can be located in Suburbsville on the furthest east side of the map. It’s just north of the Yoga Studio and has a blacked-out van parked outside the entrance. The third 5G Tower is in Goatenburg, nearby the Distopia building marked on your map.

Once you have activated all three of the 5G Towers, you’ll complete the 5G Upgrade and get the “Intergalactic Connection” cutscene. We don’t want to spoil it but make sure you find a way up to the “Intergalactic Connection” because it offers a pretty fun mini-game for you to play with.

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