Goat Simulator 3 Bigfoot | Where to Find

We’ve come to expect the unexpected from Goat Simulator 3, as this entry really pushes the boundaries of what’s normal and what’s not. From pop-culture references, science experiments, and even old fairy tales, there’s really nothing that’s not on the table. So, among all the bizarre things you’ll see and question in the game, Bigfoot doesn’t seem so far-fetched. The real question is where to find Bigfoot. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use your elite goat-tracking skills to find the big furry beast himself. So read on to find out!

Where to Find Bigfoot in Goat Simulator 3

Where to Find Bigfoot in Goat Simulator 3

Before you can go searching for Bigfoot himself in Goat Simulator 3, you’ll have to activate the “Bigfoot Sighted” quest. To do that, you need to sync up with the Goat Tower in Morningwood Falls. Once done, you’ll get a marker for the “Bigfoot Sighted” quest area nearby the tower. Head here and you’ll find a couple of protestors and a big cage. Obviously, you’re not done there as your goal from here is to find Bigfoot and bring them back to the cage, in order to “prove the unprovable”.

From the protestor area, head up the right path along the river towards the sawmill. You’ll want to get all the way till you get to the bridge and can see the “Mountain Dudes Sawmill” sign and a few picketed protesters out front. From here, do a complete 180 into the forest behind the bridge. Just behind the rocks (adjacent to the bridge) is a campsite where you’ll find a woman resting on a bench. Though this isn’t an ordinary woman, it’s a woman with abnormally big feet. This is your Bigfoot.

You’ll want to lick her — Bigfoot, that is — to bring her back to the cage. Be careful when you put her in the cage because if you go in there with her too, you’ll also get locked inside the cage and have to re-load the game to get out. So instead just stand a few feet away and fire her into the cage. Once you do, you’ll complete the “Bigfoot” sighted quest and unlock some Homo Sapiens footwear. Which is rather disturbing.