Goat Simulator 3 Pay Respects | How to Complete

What do you get when you pay respects to the fallen while playing as an eccentric animal in Goat Simulator 3? You get more indecent fun to get crazy with! Goat Simulator 3 doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to displaying homages to other video games, and this is evident with the Pay Respect quest. For this particular event, we’ll need to pay some respects to the aforementioned fallen. While acting as a legitimate quest, the very presence of the mission takes a jab at a certain Call of Duty moment from recent memory. If you don’t know where to go for the Pay Respect quest, we’ll show you the way.

How to Pay Respects in Goat Simulator 3

How to Pay Respect in Goat Simulator 3

To pay your respects, head to the Cemetery of Fairmeadows Ranch to interact with three distinctive tombstones. The three you’re looking for will have a cross on them with candles surrounding the site. A prompt will appear for you to pay respects. Interact with it for some flowers to fall on top of the tombstone’s cross. A ghostly figure will arise from the grave, mildly applauding the kind gesture as you move from one site to the next. These three sites are relatively close to each other, and they’re the only ones to have a cross and candles accompanying them.

When it comes to visiting the Cemetery, you don’t need to complete the quest in a specific way. Instead of paying respects in a certain fashion, the tombstones can be explored in any order. The first one will be through a secluded and gated area. It’ll be to the left once you enter the exclusive section.

The second tombstone is actually behind the first one at a lower level, outside of the gated section. You can then make your way to the northern division of the Cemetery for the third tombstone, which is sitting in a ditch. Pay your respects to finally complete the quest, supported by the message: “RIP IN PEACE”.

Once you complete the quest, head inside the church, which has now opened its doors for you. However, instead of joining a holy ceremony, you’ll step into a cross-fit gym, verified by neon lights, workout equipment, and posters of nuns with an inspiring motivator: “PUMP. PERFORM. PRAY”. In the middle of the church/gym hybrid will be a new headband for you to collect. Feel free to stay at the groovy location if you’re looking to break some extra sweat.

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