God of War Ragnarok Berserker Armor | How to Get

In God of War Ragnarok, outfitting Kratos with better weapons and armor adds to the appeal of fighting mythical beasts and gods. But it all doesn’t just look cool! Armor sets can grant you special abilities in game to showcase how truly powerful the god of war is. The late-game Berserker Armor set is without a doubt one of the best for this. Not to mention it’s worth finding just for how godly it makes Kratos look. That’s why if you’re looking to get the Berserker Armor, this guide will show you how!

How to Get Berserker Armor in God of War Ragnarok

How to Get Berserker Armor in God of War Ragnarok

To get the Berserker Armor in God of War Ragnarok, you need to defeat three of the 10 Berserker Gravestones. These are challenging boss fights which you unlock by acquiring the Inert Hilt of Skofnung item in King’s Grave during the Chapter 9: Word of Fate story mission. Once you have the Inert Hilt of Skofnung, you can begin the side quest “Fit For a King,” which requires you to fight all of the Berseker Gravestones bosses. Each of these boss fights is triggered by the Inert Hilt of Skofnung.

Each Berserker Gravestone gives you different rewards, so there are certain ones you’ll want to do first to get the Berserker Armor. You get the Berserker Cuirass by completing the Berserker Gravestone in Barrens, Alfheim. Next, you can get the Berserker Gauntlets from the Berserker Gravestone in Mist Fields, Niflheim. Last is the Berserker Waistgaurd, which you get by completing the berserker Gravestone in the Lake of Nine, Midgard.

Once you defeat each boss at the Berserker Gravestones mentioned above, they will dissolve and reveal the Berserker Armor as your reward. If you want to really boost the Berserker Armors stats, then you’ll need to upgrade the armor level and equip it with the Hilt of Skofnung Relic. You get this Relic by defeating all the Berserker Gravestones and thusly defeating King Hrolf at the 10th Gravestone.