God of War Ragnarok Cliffside Ruins Chest | How to Open

As you traverse the Southern Wilds, southeast of Freyr’s Camp, you may come across a particular location. In God of War Ragnarok, you’ll come across quite a few Nornir chests that require you to interact with runes and items in the environment. The Cliffside Ruins chest in Ragnarok is a paddle-based chest, so it’ll require exploration and some good ax throws if you want to crack it open. But, where are the paddles that are used to open this thing? We have your back!

How to Open the Cliffside Ruins Chest in God of War Ragnarok

How to Open the Cliffside Ruins Chest in God of War Ragnarok

In order to open the Cliffside Ruins Nornir chest, you’ll need to match three paddles to the runes on the front of the chest. The first paddle can only be accessed from the stone platforms, next to a chain, and must be hit to the “F” shaped rune. The final paddle is to the right of the chest, around the cliff, covered by red plants. This must be changed to and “R” shaped rune. The second is off the shore of Lunda’s island, directly across the river, and must be hit to the “P” shaped rune.

From the chest, go behind you and climb onto the metal platforms. Head west until you reach a platform that is a dead end. Look towards the chain to find the first paddle machine, which you can hit with a Leviathan Axe throw. This is for the 1st symbol.

The second paddle is easy to find, but hard to access. That’s because it is covered in red plants. You’ll need to fire 3 Sigil Runes and use your Blades of Chaos to make a chain reaction. This’ll ignite the red plant, and let you spin the paddle to the right symbol. You’re trying to match the 2nd symbol.

Then, head back in your Raft to the island where the Dwarves have a shop. Turn around towards the South and you will see another paddle statue. This is for the 3rd symbol.

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