God of War Ragnarok Derelict Outpost Raven Locations | Where to Find

Exploring God of War Ragnarok includes finding dozens of different types of collectables. Every map and location has many different optional items to pick up or smash. As you explore the icy Lake of Nine, you’ll come across the Derelict Outpost to the southwest, to the west of Tyr’s temple. There are two raven locations that can be found in the Derelict Outpost. If you’re scrambling to find them, we can help you out!

Where to Find the Derelict Outpost Raven in God of War Ragnarok

Where to Find the Derelict Outpost Raven in God of War Ragnarok

There are two ravens in the Derelict Outpost of God of War Ragnarok. The first raven is located on the underside of a ship hanging over a cliff, to the left of the ledge where you enter the area from. The second raven is located up the chain next to the gate, to the South of Lúnda. Head through the cave and hit the pinwheel to get across the gap, then hit the pinwheel to the east and look Northwest. You’ll see the second of the two Ravens on a podium, near an arc in the fortress.

The first of the ravens is quite far away from the outpost itself. You’ll want to go onto the lake itself, since it is located under the shipwreck at the entrance to the lake. From the gate, head north under the arch and then east towards the Lake of Nine. Hook to the South to see the shipwreck and the raven.

The second is within the Outpost proper. You’ll head North after the cave system near Lúnda to see the pinwheel. Then, the green raven sits on a ship post as you head West across the map. Keep your eyes up to see the raven!

Ravens are pretty important collectables in God of War Ragnarok. At certain milestones, you will get rewards for shattering these birds. These include unique armor sets and runic attacks, so they are well-worth hunting down!