God of War Ragnarok Jarnsmida Pit Mines | How to Return

You’ve most likely already explored the Jarnsmida Pit Mines in God of War Ragnarok during The Quest for Tyr. However, due to your progression in the story, you didn’t get to completely explore and loot the mine. That’s because certain areas in the mines are blocked off until you come back at a higher level, after more of the main story has been completed. If you’re at this point and are having a tough time returning to the Jarnsmida Pit Mines, this guide will tell you how to retrace your steps.

Note that this guide contains partial spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

How to Return to the Jarnsmida Pit Mines in God of War Ragnarok

How to Return to the Jarnsmida Pit Mines in God of War Ragnarok

To return to the Jarnsmida Pit Mines in God of War Ragnarok, you’ll need to have the spear unlocked. So, make sure you have it with you and start at the Mystic Gateway, Aurvangar Wetlands. From there, take the boat across from this island to the Sverd Sands. On this island is the elevator that you originally took to exit the minds with Tyr, take it back down. Once the elevator has reached the bottom, you’ll want to follow the winding path to the right all the way down.

Keep this course, and don’t stray, all the way to the rock wall. Here you’ll need to use your spear to launch yourself up past the rock wall. Now walk out of the tunnel and to the left will be a cluster of glowing rocks blocking your path. Throw your spear at them and press the action button to blow the rocks up and open the path. Continue on and swing across the gap to the opening at the top on the other side. Run all the way down this tunnel and you’ll be back to where you freed Tyr. A boss will spawn for your return visit, and you’ll have to put your weapons to work.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, look around the room for a hidden tunnel. It’s small, and you’ll have to crouch to go through. Come out to the other side and open the doors. Immediately head to the right and scale across the wall, then out to the open mine area with waterfalls. Swing across the waterfall to your left and run around the spiral platform. Roughly 75% around it you can drop down to another platform, and at the end of this platform will be more glowing rocks you need to blow up with your spear.

Once you’ve blown them up, jump across and crouch through. Take a left and swing across the blue glowing water. Go up the ledge and through the first door to your left. Now, throw your spear on the rocks to the left and use it to jump across to the higher platform. Straight ahead you’ll see a Mystic Gateway and a big iron-barred door that you just have to interact with to lift and enter the Jarnsmida Pit Mines.

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