God of War Ragnarok Lake of Nine Buried Treasure | Where to Find

The Lake of Nine in God of War Ragnarok is a beautiful, frozen environment which you navigate by dogsled. This area is packed full of story and side content, so it’s unsurprising that there’s buried treasure here. However, like most buried treasure puzzles, this Lake of Nine requires you to find a map before you find the treasure. If you’re looking for this loot, we can help you gather your bearings so you can get your gear.

Where to Find the Lake of Nine Buried Treasure in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok Lake of Nine Buried Treasure

In order to gather the Lake of Nine buried treasure in God of War Ragnarok, you first must get the treasure maps in the Applecore and Raider’s fort. The Applecore map will bring you the Demise of Dagestr, which is located near the northwest shop on the lake. The Raider fort treasure map will grant you the Viking’s gift, and is located on the path to the King’s Grave.

The Applecore map is located in the mines by heading down the wooden elevator, heading northwest in the cave and using your Spear to climb the southern wall of the circular arena. Once you’ve started the Demise of Dagestr, head to the Lake of Nine, go to the Shop. Hug the wall to the right side and before long, you will see the yellow rune that your Spear can break apart to get to your treasure.

The Raider’s Fort treasure map is more simple. Head just northwest of the “L” in the map’s label of “Lake of Nine.” It’s just laying on the floor once you jump over the cliff and enter the area. Once you have it, enter the valley towards the King’s Grave, an area in the Northeast of the environment. Ride towards the large door and you will find the Buried Treasure on the ground.

We hope that’ll help you find the two buried treasure in the Lake of Nine! Here are some other guides to Ragnarok’s secrets.