God of War Ragnarok Mine Puzzle | How to Solve

Welcome to the Applecore Mines in God of War Ragnarok! This strange water-filled mine holds quite a few rewards. However, the main water wheel puzzle in the Applecore Mine is, frankly, absurd. There are a lot of moving parts, and they must be done in a particular order if you want to get by. Compared to a lot of puzzles in this game, this one is more awkward and even random. If you are stuck in this water wheel-based hell, you are not alone! Let’s walk through the steps together.

How to Solve the Mine Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok

How to Solve the Mine Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok

The Water Wheel puzzle in Applecore Mine requires you to freeze and block up certain wooden paths. You start by throwing a frozen ax at the eastern one, right before the water wheel. This will cause the platform to move to the right, after where you can have Atreus clog that water path with rocks by pressing his button. You’ll just have to do the same with the right water path to get across, then have Atreus shoot the rocks to get to the end.

First, look to the east and you will see a water wheel getting pushed by water. Freeze the water so that this water wheel will stop. This will cause the platform to move to the west to collect water from another source.

Then, call for Atreus. He’ll push the water wheel and cause it to be further blocked up with rocks. Once the water path to the east is blocked, use your axe to freeze the one to the south to cause that water wheel to turn.

Then, you can grapple across to the other side. Once you’ve done that, have Atreus shoot the rocks to unblock that water path. Finally, ride the platform to the end! Great job getting to the other side!

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