God of War Ragnarok Temple of Light Nornir Chest | How to Open

As you work your way through Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok, you’ll eventually come across the Temple of Light. Inside the temple, you’ll find the Temple of Light Nornir Chest, which is locked by a time-sensitive rune puzzle. Solving it isn’t too difficult, but since it’s a bit different than some of the others, you might need a little help.

How to Open the Temple of Light Nornir Chest

Temple of Light Nornir Chest

The Temple of Light Nornir Chest is located just past the light bridge leading to the temple. You can see its location in the map image featured above. Specifically, once Kratos and Tyr knock over statues to access the light bridge, it’ll be just past the bridge on the right. To open the chest, you need to hit all three of the runic bells with Kratos’ axe within six seconds.

However, before you can open the Temple of Light Nornir Chest, you’ll need to locate the three bells. You’ll also need to clear some sonic ore with one of Atreus’ arrows. The first two bells can be found just left of the chest. The third bell is located down the corridor to the right of the chest.

How to Open the Temple of Light Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok

To find the third bell, head down the path until you see a purple crystal on your right. You’ll see the sonic ore next to the crystal. Have Atreus shoot the ore to free the path to the bell.

Now it’s time for the tricky part. To unlock the Temple of Light Nornir Chest, you’ll need to ring all three bells within about six seconds. Head back up to the chest and stand so that you can see the two bells on your left and the crystal on your right.

The easiest way to ring them quickly is to throw your axe at the leftmost bell, then the middle bell, and then the purple crystal. Before you start throwing, take a second to make sure that you’re standing at the proper angle. The goal is to have the axe to bounce off the purple crystal and ring the final bell.

It may take a few tries, but eventually, you should be able to hit all three within the time limit. Once you’ve opened up the Temple of Light Nornir chest, you’ll find an Idunn Apple. Collecting these will allow you to upgrade your maximum health, which will come in handy as you face more difficult enemies.

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