God of War Ragnarok The Oarsmen Artifact Locations | Where to Find

God of War Ragnarok is chock-full of hidden locations containing artifacts and lore collectibles. As a result, perfectionists who want to 100% the game must be extremely thorough as they explore and progress through the story. However, regardless of how thorough your exploration was, you most likely missed the Oarsmen Artifact. In fact, there are seven Oarsmen Artifacts and collectibles to obtain, and we’ll tell you where to find them all in this guide. So keep reading to find out!

Where to Find Every Oarsmen Artifact

Where to Find All The Oarsmen Artifacts in God of War Ragnarok

Before you can get your hands on the Oarsmen Artifact, you need to reach the Oarsmen region. To do that, go to the northern part of the Lake of Nines; you should be standing on an ice lake. Looking directly north, you’ll see a wooden beam you can jump over to reach the “Shores of Nine” region. There will be a big rock in your way, you’ll have to lift and pass. On the other side of it, to the left are some vines you need to burn with your Chaos Blades. Continue on past these vines to reach the Oarsmen region, as this is where you’ll find each artifact.

After you cross, there will be a pit to your left. You will have to fight some enemies here, but you’ll also come across the first Oarsmen Artifact, the Nornir Chest. You can’t loot it yet, but we’ll be back for it. Instead, make your way out the other side by climbing the wall to the right on the upper ledge. When you emerge, you’ll face yet another foe. After you’ve defeated him, climb the chain to the right and up to the statue. Look around the statue for a green mystical Raven. This is Odin’s Raven artifact, which you must skill-shot by throwing your Axe.

Once you’ve got it, drop down below to the other side where the chain sticking out of the snow is. Interact with the chain, and after you do so it will reveal another pit, just to the right of it. In there, to the right will be the Legendary Chest. Then directly to the right of it, hidden behind the stairs you just entered will be another Oarsmen Artifact for Stolen Treasures. Now make your way back out from behind the stairs to the room. To the left of the Legendary Chest at the end of the room will be the Lore Maker, another Oarsmen Artifact you can interact with.

To the left of the Lore Maker, you’ll see a steel gate. Right as you approach it, the left side will open up to a shrine. Here you can get the Oarsmen Artifact, Fjortlunch Vault Key Half. Now head out beyond the steel gate. This will take you back to the first pit/room you entered with the Nornir Chest. As you enter the room, directly to the left of the steel gate will be some rubble you have to blow up with a green arrow. This will reveal the Nornir Seals. There are three Nornir Seals in this room you have to hit with your Axe in quick succession to unlock the Nornir Chest.

Retrace your steps to the last artifact by climbing up the same rock wall on the second-level ledge you climbed up earlier. However, it is no longer a tunnel leading to an opening, as the terrain was altered when you pulled the chain earlier. Now, it is a ledge with the last Oarsmen Artifact, Kvasir’s Poems, and a red chest to the right.

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