Gotham Knights Colorways | How to Unlock

The Gotham Knights aren’t shy when it comes to expressing their personality through the presentation of the Bat suits. Players are free to change up their hero’s look with a variety of customizable options. Anything from the famous cowls to the shiny armor comes into consideration, and this includes the colorways in the game. If you’re looking to add some flair to your suit, then look no further: here’s how you can get colorways in Gotham Knights.

How to Unlock Colorways in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Unlock Colorways

Colorways, much like suits, are unlocked by simply progressing through some of the game’s activities. Mainly, you’ll want to focus on challenges, case files, and crafting sessions that reward you with colorways. We can verify this by checking each activity’s information for any potential rewards. Look for the white paint palette icon when navigating through the unfinished missions.

Additionally, new colorways can be applied to the Batcycle by completing the time trials on the map. Whenever you acquire a new one for the bike, return to the Belfry to apply any superficial changes.

To view your available colorways, head over to the Gear tab in the menu then navigate through the Styles section. Here, you’ll find the colorways that you’ve obtained throughout your time in Gotham City, as well as the other cowls, Bat symbols, gloves, and boots. You can also inspect the lineup of suits for you to try on if you’re looking for a thorough makeover.

One thing that Gotham Knights doesn’t exactly share with the players is the crafting system. As you watch over Gotham and beat up any nasty foes, your character will continuously (and often blindly) collect crafting ingredients. If you’re looking to build yourself a suit with a new colorway, you only need to refer to the “Salvage Required” items for whichever suit you select. Ultimately, crafting a suit with its attached colorway will unlock the new colorway altogether.

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