Gotham Knights | Is There Couch Co-Op?

The Bat Family is out to save the people of Gotham City from the troublesome lineup of criminals in Gotham Knights. For the first time in a Batman game, we’ll get to choose between four popular DC heroes who worked under Bruce Wayne’s wings. Even though he’s apparently dead, you and a friend must protect Gotham with the help of the game’s multiplayer. However, is it possible to enable couch co-op for Gotham Knights, so that we may fight foes with our friends side-by-side?

Does Gotham Knights Have Couch Co-Op?

Does Gotham Knights Have Couch Co-Op?

Due to the scale of the game, Gotham Knights does not include couch co-op play. Any local team-ups are thrown out the window in favor of online multiplayer. Sharing the same screen with someone limits the experience when it comes to bigger action games these days. It’s either the screen splitting into two or both characters appearing next to one another. This multiplayer feature is highly unlikely to be a part of the game anytime soon in terms of updates.

Gotham Knights is purely a single-player or 2-player title that implements basic online play. While there are four characters, only two Bat Family members can venture into the streets of Gotham City at a time. There’s Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Robin (Tim Drake), and Red Hood (Jason Todd) that players can choose from. Furthermore, you can seamlessly jump in and jump out of a game as you please without being attached to your partner.

As a side note, the game doesn’t prohibit both players to play the same character. If both parties wish to be the gun-wielding Red Hood, nothing will stop them. Moreover, progression for both players will be considered when switching in-between online and solo gameplay.

There are other restrictions when it comes to multiplayer, though. With local multiplayer merely being a dream, in this case, crossplay for Gotham Knights is nonexistent. The only way to link up with a partner is if both individuals share the same platform, including Xbox Series X|S and PC – an uncommon occurrence when it comes to Microsoft-connected systems.

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