Gotham Knights Court of Owls Puzzle Solution | How to Solve

If you’ve been playing the Gotham Knights story, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of puzzles. Some of them are far more difficult than others. For example, Mission 2.2 tasks you with infiltrating the Powers Club. However, as you make you’re way down to the club, you’ll find yourself trapped in the Court of Owls puzzle. This is one of the most challenging puzzles in the game, which you need to solve to progress with the story. Thankfully, we show you just how to solve the Court of Owls puzzle in this guide.

What is the Court of Owls Puzzle Solution in Gotham Knights?

What is the Court of Owls Puzzle Solution in Gotham Knights

As soon as you enter the Court of Owls puzzle, you’ll see a spotlight pointing at a wall mural, as well as a stone table in the center with four rotating pieces. The objective is to cast an owl-shaped shadow on the wall mural by rotating the tabletop pieces and using the spotlight. There is a switch next to each of the four rotating pieces on the table: one for the claws, one for the body, and one for each wing.

So you can use trial and error until you’ve lined up the owl, but this is tedious. Besides, we have a trick up our sleeves. You may have not noticed it, but a yellow line appears at the bottom of the stone table when a piece is rotated and lands in the proper direction. To solve the puzzle, you want to rotate each piece until all four yellow lines below are connected. This will open the hidden door behind the wall mural where you’re casting the shadow.

In other words, you don’t actually need to figure out the puzzle until you see the shadow. Instead, turn each piece until you see the yellow line pop up under it at the bottom of the table. Connecting all four of the yellow lines will create the proper owl shadow on the wall mural. Which will then unlock the secret door behind the mural, and complete the Court of Owls puzzle.

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