Gotham Knights Crossplay | Is There Cross-Platform Support?

Gotham Knights raises a lot of questions among DC fans and gamers alike. How does the game perform? Does the gameplay feel okay with a controller? How many characters are available on launch? One of the most important questions for multiplayer gameplay is whether or not Gotham Knights includes crossplay. And, if it doesn’t, do the developers have any sort of intention of adding it in the future?

Does Gotham Knights Support Crossplay?

Does Gotham Knights Support Crossplay?

Gotham Knights will not have any sort of crossplay between consoles at release. The official FAQ states that the game will not have it on launch, and that it’s not planned at this time. However, this does not mean that it will not come out with the feature eventually; many games eventually add the feature after a few stability updates.

On October 21st, when Gotham Knights releases on Xbox Series X|S and PC, there will not be any crossplay implemented. This is unfortunate, as many Microsoft-exclusive games at least let you play between Xbox and PC. In fact, it is rare to not have this feature’s implementation between consoles.

That being said, it is far from uncommon. We have seen Microsoft exclusives not have this feature on launch. And many of them will eventually have at least this basic version of crossplay eventually. Gotham Knights will likely implement this feature after the first few months or year.

Whether it will be added so that the game can be play between non-Microsoft consoles is another question. This tends to be significantly harder to do than the crossplay between PC and Xbox. Fewer games implement this version of the feature, even though it is popular with fans. We will have to see if and when the developers implement crossplay if it will be a simple version or not.

Thankfully, Crossplay is not the only news for this new game! We have a few articles on some of the other features that the game is offering!