Gotham Knights Health Pack | How to Get

It’s important to have a few tools at your disposal whenever you patrol the streets in Gotham Knights. The enemies from the city’s factions are on the loose, wreaking havoc around nearly every corner. As we take on these chaotic foes, we’re bound to get hurt, with our health depleting after each oncoming strike. Thankfully, we can rely on a health pack to help us out if the situation becomes increasingly tough.

How to Get Health Packs in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Get Health Packs

Your health packs essentially replenish any lost health due to enemy encounters and environmental hazards. To get more health packs, you have to return to the Belfry to receive a full restock. Otherwise, there’s a small chance that certain enemies can drop a pack, but that’s a risky possibility to be hopeful for. It’s best to call it a night and return home, which will ultimately start up the next day.

This might appear to be a slight disadvantage if you’re constantly running into trouble. Of course, having a limited supply of health items can be irritating, but it also proposes a challenge — a combative one, in fact. The game’s fighting mechanics are reminiscent of the Arkham games, featuring rhythmic combat that flows quite smoothly once you get the hang of it.

By acknowledging the set amount of health packs, you become more vigilant with your overall approach. You know when to evade attacks, when to hit your opponents, and when to flip and dip. As soon as you see the health bar at a lower quantity, refill it by using a health pack. Try not to waste it when your health is only halfway through or more; save it for when you absolutely need it.

Heading back to the Belfry to get more health packs will also replenish any smoke bombs you might’ve used when trying to avoid a sticky spot. It’s all automatic, by the way. There’s no particular station to attend to if you need a refill. It’ll be distributed as you leave the Belfry to continue with your respective quests and duties.

We’re just getting started with these protectors of Gotham City. If you’re just diving in, be sure to take a look at these guides before commencing a nightly patrol: