Gotham Knights Heroic Assault | How to Unlock

Unfortunately, when Gotham Knights released, it failed to deliver on a major promise made by developers. That is the four-player co-op mode, which was abruptly announced as being unavailable before launch. This was a standout feature of the game that many fans were looking forward to. However, developers are soothing players’ grudges over with the update on November 29, which added the online four-player co-op mode, Heroic Assault, to the game. Trying to play this new mode? Well, you must first unlock it, which we’ll explain how to do below.

How to Unlock Heroic Assault Mode in Gotham Knights

How to Unlock Heroic Assault Mode in Gotham Knights

Heroic Assault mode is unlocked after accessing Case File 05 in the main story. This means you have to progress to that point in the main story in order to unlock the new mode. This new arena-style mode features 30 floors to work your way through. Each one with a list of objectives to complete and enemies to defeat. It may not be the co-op open world they promised originally, but at least now we get to play the game with friends in a four-player online co-op mode.

As to why Heroic Assault appears on the main menu but is not available until you progress past Case File 05 in the game’s story, remains a mystery. Especially considering it’s a separate mode that’s not a part of the main campaign. This could be because they want you to become used to the game’s mechanics and level your character. Nonetheless, it’s still disappointing for gamers who want to test out the new mode with friends but haven’t reached the required benchmark in the story yet.

According to the game’s official website, Heroic Assault wasn’t the only new mode added in this update. There’s also the new Showdown mode that lets players re-take on a boss fight, but now against a supercharged version of the villain. To access this game mode, simply interact with the villain’s trophies in the Belfry.

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