Gotham Knights | How to Activate The Mechanism

As you investigate the Court of Owls in Gotham Knights, you’ll come across a strange mission objective. Gotham Knights will ask you to activate the secret mechanism while you’re patrolling the Powers Club. Unlike many missions in the game, this one does not hold your hand. It expects you to actually find the mechanism and activate it, which can be legitimately difficult. Let’s locate it together so we can inch closer to taking down the Court once and for all.

How to Activate The Mechanism in Gotham Knights

How to Activate The Mechanism in Gotham Knights

Before you can activate the secret mechanism in the Powers Club of Gotham Knights, you will need to clear out several rooms of the club. The mechanisms are all hidden throughout the building, and are typically well-guarded by thugs that you’ll need to take out first. You can see the device with AR vision, but you’ll need to defeat all of the enemies before you can activate the devices. The mechanisms are connected to the lamp in the grand hallway, so you need to follow the wires to find the buttons.

There are two switches that you’ll be looking for. The first is in the Piano Room. After all of the thugs are dispatched, use AR vision to find it under the head of a bust. Interact with the button to complete the first half of the device’s activation requirements.

Afterwards, head into the other room traced by the wire. Check out a book in the cabinet in the upper left of the room. AR vision will reveal a switch, which you can interact with.

Once both buttons have been pressed, follow the wires back to the lamp. As long as you’ve hit both buttons, interacting with the lamp will open up the secret path into the underground lair. You’re far from done with the Powers Club, but at least this annoying AR minigame is over.

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