Gotham Knights | How to Align the Frequencies

The League of Shadows has infiltrated Gotham yet again in the wake of Bruce Wayne’s death in Gotham Knights. Due to their persistence, the very presence of the League causes immense trouble for the titular heroes. It’s reached the point where Arkham Asylum is being targeted, leading the Knights to an abandoned location. They eventually climb onto a tower where power is generated and calculated via oscilloscopes. In order to figure out what the League is up to, we need to align the frequencies to reset the sonic device. Here’s how you can solve this particular problem.

How to Align the Frequencies in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Align the Frequencies
There are four oscilloscopes to configure, and each is attached to a different color wire: blue, red, orange, and green. Set the amplifier frequencies in this order to successfully solve the puzzle. The wires and screens can easily throw you off if you’re attempting to adhere to the direction of the wires. However, given that this specific puzzle isn’t exactly straightforward with much help, it can quickly get irritating when trying to solve it on your own. Wrong inputs will ultimately restart the process until you align the correct frequencies.

Upon lining up the frequencies, the device will reset on its own. Therefore, if you incorrectly set the oscilloscopes, you’ll need to manually restart the primary device by going to the primary sonic machine in the front of the room. It can become tedious at first unless you abide by the wires that the devices are connected to. But once you complete the puzzle, the case will continue with the investigation regarding the League and Talia.

This area comes to us through Case File 07: The League of Shadows under 7.2 with Talia al Ghul. Beforehand, we had to deal with several League members and a certain containment pod issue, all while navigating through the neglected institution. Be sure to check out the scenery as you walk through the haunting corridors for some extra lore in the Batman universe.

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